Wyvern Rank

80.00 USD

Wyvern Rank | Lifetime

With the Wyvern Rank you get:

Prefix Alias: Choose any of the following prefixes:
Wyvern - Pegasus

»» Perks ««

• No RTP cool down, no more wait!

• Ability to spawn your custom pets by their name.

• Wyvern Kit (/kit wyvern).

• Up to 14 homes (/sethome [name]).

• Up to 7 Auction House slots (/ah).

• Make up to 42 Chest Shops!

• Have up to 7 Player Warps.

/lock up to 150 chests.

»» Permissions ««

• Access to /autosmelt, which let's you instantly smelt ores & yes, fortune works!

• Access to /editsign, so you don't have to remove the sign to edit it.

• 5 Player Vaults (/pv [#]), storage on the go!

• Access to /broomshop, buy a broom and fly around like a witch B).

• Access to /trainshop, make a dope train station.

/nickcolor, change the color of your nickname with ease.

‼ Includes all perks & permissions from previous rank ‼

→ Includes a custom Discord rank & access ←