Unicorn Rank

31.00 USD

Unicorn Rank | Lifetime

With the Unicorn Rank you get:

Prefix Alias: Choose any of the following prefixes:
Unicorn - Satori

»» Perks ««

• Access to use chat formatting (bold, underline, italicized, etc).

• Access to Unicorn Kit (/kit unicorn).

• Up to 10 homes (/sethome [name]).

• 5 Auction House slots (/ah).

• Up to 28 Chest Shops.

• Up to 5 Player Warps.

• Lock up to 85 chests.

»» Permissions ««

• Access to /nightvision, which lets you see in the dark.

• Access to /wb, which is a portable work bench/crafting table without having to make/place one.

• Use up to 5 Player Vaults (/pv).

• Access to the /racingcarshop, drive the race car of your dreams!

• Access to the /sell all hand command.

• Access to /marry gift, gift your partner!

‼ Includes all perks & permissions from previous rank ‼

→ Includes a custom Discord rank & access ←