Phantom Rank

24.99 USD

Phantom Rank | Lifetime

With the Phantom Rank you get:

Prefix Alias: Choose any of the following prefixes:
Phantom - Fairy - Dark Fairy

»» Perks ««

• Access to custom color codes in your nickname (/nick).

• Have up to 2 Jobs (/jobs browse).

• Access to Phantom Kit (/kit phantom).

• Have up to 8 homes (/sethome [name]).

• Up to 4 Auction House slots (/ah).

• Up to 20 Chest Shops.

• Up to 4 Player Warps.

• Lock up to 60 chests.

• Ability to edit the category of your Player Warps.

»» Permissions ««

•  Access to /crawl, so you can crawl around on the ground.

• Access to /bellyflop, to do funny tricks for your friends.

• Access to /hat, to use any block as a hat. 

• Access to up to 2 /pv, a portable chest you can open anywhere in the world.

• Access to /carshop, so you can ride around the server in style.

• Access to /sportsbikeshop, go super fast on the bike of yourdreams!

• Access to /ptime, change the time for yourself. 

• Access to /marry tp, force teleport to your partner. 

‼ Includes all perks & permissions from previous rank ‼

→ Includes a custom Discord rank & access ←