Poseidon Rank

16.99 USD

Poseidon Rank | Lifetime

With the Poseidon Rank you get:

Prefix Alias: Choose any of the following prefixes:
Poseidon - Siren - Merman - Mermaid

»» Perks ««

• Ability to use silk touch enchantment on spawners to mine them.

• Ability to use formatting on nicknames (/nick). 

• Access to Mermaid Kit (/kit mermaid).

• Set up to 6 homes.

• 3 Auction House slots.

• Make up to 10 Chest Shops.

• Have up to 3 Player Warps.

• Enjoy a 3.5% /vipshop discount.

• Ability to remove your nickname.

• Ability to kiss & hug your partner when married.

»» Permissions ««

• Access to /sit, which makes your player sit on whatever block you're standing on.

• Access to /lay, which makes your player lay on whatever block you're standing on. 

• Access to /near, to see who's nearby.

• Access to /pv 1, a virtual on the go chest you can access anywhere.

• Access to /raftshop, buy a raft and sail the seas!

• Access to /submarineshop, make fast getaways in your underwater escape vehicle.

• Access to /pweather, to get rid of that pesky rain. 

‼ Includes all perks & permissions from previous rank ‼

→ Includes a custom Discord rank & access ←